If you’re looking for certified technicians but don’t want to pay the dealer price, you’ve come to the right place. When you come to us for a quote, we will provide a written estimate of your repairs before the work begins. Our certified technicians will answer your questions, explain the work that’s recommended, and stand by our service. We will also provide you a complimentary vehicle to drive while your car is being fixed. It’s our goal to exceed your expectations and provide convenience during your visit.

Kummrow Automotive specialize in two things: European autos and customer service. It’s a combination that feeds employees’ passion and keeps our small shop hopping. Watch Crafted to see how we roll.

Our Services

When you choose Kummrow Automotive to service your vehicle, you are choosing an experienced and highly professional staff that has the training, equipment and experience to service your vehicle properly the first time. We offer certified technicians and parts, quality service equipment and warranties. Our Milwaukee car repair shop is one you can trust and feel confident recommending to others.

Our areas of expertise and services offerings include:

Air Conditioning & Heating
Alternator & Starter
Brakes & Traction Control
Electrical System
Emission Control
Exhaust System
Factory Maintenance
Fuel Injection
High Performance
Oil & Fluid Service
Steering & Suspension
Tires & Rotation
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